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The topic of winning at the casino is extremely popular. And pure mathematics, and fraud by technical means, and collusion with dealers - they just do not try to do anything to cash in on the casino. I will not stoop to crime - our destiny is pure mathematics. And I will not touch on card games - there is nothing to catch there except for blackjack, the percentage plus of the casino is very high. Forget about slots (except Aviator). We will study roulette - the queen of gambling. Wherever and whatever you read about beating roulette - forget it - a lot of school nonsense.

For most people, roulette is excitement and emotion. Also lost money. For me, roulette is mathematics and statistics. And consistently won money. Good money. The diagrams below will teach you how to play right. Yes, then the game loses its emotional component, moreover, it becomes a boring routine. But you want to win, not lose? Then fight!


The casino has 2 advantages over the player - zero (2.8% of the turnover goes to the casino) and the bet limit - the fight against martingale.
The player has:
the ability to bet or not to bet - choosing a good row numbers.
- the ability to vary the size of the bet depending on the confidence in the bet and, as a result, the martingale (limited - but in some casinos, the spread of bets can be from $1 to $50,000, that is, when playing for equal chances, the casino allows you to make 15 bets!)
- mathematical schemes based on probability theory (yes, they also work, read below).

And an advanced (our) player also has spin history statistics - 100-200-300 thousand spins on the desired roulette!

Of course, the previous spin does not say what the next one will be, but when you look at the array of spins and do an analysis on it ( using my own program) - it's easy to see the "trend" roulette. It is also very convenient to work out your strategy on an array of numbers using my other program.
That's all we'll look at below.

How to play?

Win over roulette - based on 3 pillars:

1) extensive spin statistics
2) schemes that level the advantage of roulette
3) game discipline

Let's start in order:

1) A lot of roulettes, no matter how they are regulated, have distortions. This is not visible on 100 spins, but it is clearly visible on 20k spins and perfect on 100k+. I still have a tape measure in my stash that has been giving odd numbers 4 percent more than even numbers for the past six months. I'm sure the organizer of the game doesn't even know this. That is, if you bet on odd odds all the time, you would easily go to zero and even a small plus. And if you tracked even numbers and then went to odd ones before equalizing, then in a very good profit. Like me :)
I'll explain with a specific example: here are the statistics for the last month - from 02/03/2022 to 03/03/2022 [download], it has 90k spins. In the chart below, we can observe a bias towards black for 1.5 thousand spins. This is a GLOBAL trend - if the roulette wheel "blackens" for a whole MONTH, then something is wrong with it in the settings, and you need to use this advantage! (In general, this roulette has been blackening for 8 months since I've been running it, I'm just giving you a story for the last month)

So, knowing its bias to black, we are looking for the moment when it will have a bias to red and then bet on black, knowing that the bias to black will definitely take place! And you can safely catch up to 500-1k black spins guaranteed!
Let's zoom in on our first chart, we get the following layout for the last 7500 spins:
It is obvious that when the skew is in red, then the skew will go to black. Using exchange terms, we are looking for highs in the red color in the short term, knowing that the general trend is down and the color chart will still go down to black.
Of the minuses: naturally, you won’t be able to sit for a week and bet all the time, a bot is already playing here (I also have one, but this is for personal use), or turn on the autobot in the game itself, but there is a limit of 100 spins, which means you have to walk check it every hour and a half and start again. But in any case, it is guaranteed money.

To keep statistics, I use special bots that keep my roulette tables and write all the data on a separate server. They are written on ZennoPoster - if someone suddenly doubts and decides to check. Here is a screenshot of part of the code:

Of course, this is private software written specifically for me. But if you find a good performer, you can order such software for him yourself. I will not talk about this in detail, since game organizers can complicate the life of the software. Just know it's there.

2) Game schemes. It is also possible to bet at random. But not for long) Unless, of course, you have an infinite balance. Otherwise, you need to play according to certain patterns. And, lo and behold, there are only three of them! There are only three WORKING betting schemes for equal chances.
I have tested about 20 different ways to play. I took the story, drove it into a specially written program and looked at what result I would get after 50 thousand spins playing according to the scheme at the minimum rates, having a fairly large balance and, accordingly, a good margin of safety. Further, the losing schemes were rejected, those that were better were tuned to the best performance. It's a really big job, I don't think anyone has done the same. I don't think anyone else approached the game as statistically as I did.

I have recorded a video review of a part of my strategy testing software for you. This is version 19.20 and it has different algorithms. Then all this was tested on the stories of different roulettes. A colossal amount of work!

The result of all this was three simple roulette schemes.

3) Game discipline is not only betting according to the scheme, it is also patience. Well, imagine you need to play for a more or less result (100-200 $) 1000 spins - this is more than 10 hours at the monitor. It's very hard to resist and not start betting a bigger bet, especially when the game is "rushing". This is where the big mistake lies, which will lead to a drain. With discipline, I can not help you, then negotiate with yourself.

And now, let's go to the my methods!