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I strongly recommend you read the first part of this article. It contains a very important statistical component of my calculations.
Based on extensive data of roulette spins - a month or more - we can draw a conclusion about its behavior - trending, or vice versa, accurate work. Based on the data obtained, an appropriate strategy can be used. So, to the ways of the game!

Method 1.

This technique will require perseverance and considerable time from you. To get a good result, you will have to spin hundreds of spins, identifying patterns and looking for weaknesses. But it is desirable, of course, to have an already collected history of 5-10 thousand spins. Online casinos are ideal for this! The roots of this method come from stock trading, namely from overbought / oversold indicators - oscillators.
The method of the game is to search for anomalous zones of roulette issuance with an increase in rates when these extremums are detected.
- We play for equal chances (let it be colour)
- We go to the casino - live roulette. More about modern casinos here. The casino gives a history of five hundred (!) last spins - this is an excellent base for starting.
- Open my program, enter the previous 500 spins on the chart - it's a matter of a couple of minutes . The program marks each spin with a dot on one division on our chart. Black color - one field down, red - up. As a result, you will get a crooked Christmas tree around the zero line.
- Having entered the data of past spins, we look at the roulette wheel and enter new spins. Now it remains only to look for extreme points and place bets!
To collect the history of spins, I used a specially written bot on zennoposter - which logged in every 40 minutes to my casino account, then entered the desired roulette and collected the last 500 spins. Then glued them together without repetition. As a result, I received spins with a history of several MONTHS! Here is an example of such spin histories. These are spins recorded by me in 2021, in the summer, more than a month, I don’t remember exactly. It was Germany roulette from PragmaticPlay. Statistics were also kept for other roulettes.
hows to win at roulette
This is the real story behind spins half a day on 11/13/2020 in live roulette on 1win, pay attention to how convenient it has become to play, according to the schedule it is obvious where you should not climb and where it is time to start betting. And here are the same spins, but here is a graph for even/odd numbers and again, how obvious the game tactics become in this scenario of spins!
roulette number distribution chart

Of course, money management is very important - managing bet sizes - the farther from the average (our straight line) the chart is, the more you can bet . Moreover, you can bet equal amounts BEFORE the chart line touches the average - no matter how high the extremum is, it will return to the line in the near or long term and the difference between guessed and lost bets will still be in your favor for the difference between the extremum and the average (zero may spoil the picture, but not much).

Let's consider another variant of roulette behavior - you made a history or scrolled a hundred spins, and the roulette has a distinct trend towards one color - then you are even more lucky - just put the drop-down in more often color. But this is a rarity, basically, the roulette in the interval of 300-500 spins gives a smooth picture of fluctuations around the average. I hope you remember that in the long (and not very long too) perspective, the number of red and black colors will be approximately equal. We open any roulette at random, go to the statistics and see:
roulette statistics
This technique has only one minus - it takes a lot of time to fill the history of issuance, the longer the history, the better you will understand the pattern of roulette behavior and more accurately, and you can bet more. The biggest advantage of 1win casino is the presence of AUTOMATIC roulette game - you just specify the bet (where and how much to bet) and the casino automatically does it for you!!! Thus, there is no need to waste time sitting at the laptop - build a graph of spins, look for an entry point - start the automatic mode and wait for the profit to come out!
way to win at roulette
Be sure to try this method - you can do without betting - just plot the numbers, build a graph and empirically calculate how much you would win if you bet according to the scheme - the result will please you very much!

Method 2.

This method is also suitable for offline casinos, it is very reckless, spectacular and even a little foppish, BUT it can reset you. Here the scheme is tied to pure mathematics, its essence is as follows, I will describe it very schematically for ease of understanding:

- Again, equal chances, let there be color. Let's imagine that you guess 50% of the time. And do not guess, too, in 50%. If not for zero, they would go to zero. Let's postpone zero for now, in this scheme it is destroyed. You have a 1 to 2 chance to guess the color. And the chance to guess two colors in a row is also 1 to 2, not 1 to 4, this is a very subtle moment, you need to feel and understand it. When you make the FIRST bet you risk 1 to 2.
When you make the SECOND bet, with the winnings from the first, you also risk 1 to 2, but your winnings will already be 4 original bets! And for the third time, you will have exactly the same chance to guess the number - 1 to 2. But winning it will return you as much as 8 initial bets!

I love this way of playing for color. As experienced players, you know that there are series of 10-20 of the same color. This is of course super luck, and you need to have balls of steel, so as not to break loose and take the jackpot on the 5-6th back. Spectacular and exciting! How I play - I can make nine unsuccessful bets and lose these bets, but with the tenth bet, get into a row of colors and pick up already on 4 wins = 16 bets, and on 5 = 32 bets. Usually this happens almost immediately, series in roulette is a very common thing.

You can reduce the risk requirements and just make two bets in a row, but the main profit comes from winning on a long series of wins than on a large number of wins, but to a smaller number. It is in a long series that your winnings grow exponentially! The main thing to wait for this series. And the series of 3-4 of the same color - very often, go to any roulette, look at the last twenty spins and everything will become clear.

What can ruin this system? Saw - issuance of alternating color. But tell me, have you ever seen the issuance of 10 spins with alternating colors? The rarest case, but the same color for 2-3 spins - all the time.

Method 3.

I, like any other player, was looking for a way of universal betting that would make the least number of mistakes, and using martingale would give the maximum benefit. Now I will share with you the best result. A huge number of combinations were tested - on the previous page you can see a video with the software, which shows the variability of bets. So, out of all the variety, the bet on Prev-Previous color was recognized as the best! This bet gives a huge increase if you land on a row of the same color. While others will bet on red, after 5 black spins, you will earn. And when they merge on the 10th black spin, you will increase your deposit perfectly! Just try to bet, at least on any demo game, on the pre-previous color - and it's stunned how much it "beats" the roulette wheel in the ass! Naturally, this is not the grail. This scheme is ruined by the loss of identical colors repeated twice. That is red-red- black-black -red-red- black-black -red-red- black-black -red-red will set you to zero. And how often, you ask, does this "zebra" fall out 14 times in a row? On average - on live speed roulette (according to the history of which everything was tested) from pragmatic play - 1-2 times a DAY. And 14 identical colors - at least 5 times! Any martingale - sooner or later will merge, you need to understand this, BUT - if you just want to play, play at least with the best scheme.

Why am I telling you this? I'm sure you've been asked this question more than once while reading the text. The answer is simple - but I do not mind. Method number 1 is complex, not everyone will master it, not everyone has such perseverance, even for the sake of good money, but if you could, then you deserve it; method number two will be too tough for those who do not have endurance; at the same time, the casino has no weapons at all against these methods - these schemes will work constantly, as for me, so for others. And method three is not the Grail at all, why not share it. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT - why should I spare casino money??? Let PEOPLE win!