Top 10 Best Online Slot Machines: A Beginner’s Guide

Is there a better slot machine? Over time, each player finds his favorite among the slot machines.

We present you the 10 best slot machines: the choice of players for players!

1. Mega Moolah


Mega Moolah (Mega Mula) is considered the most popular online slot machine with a progressive jackpot.

Despite the fact that this game has been on the market for a relatively long time, it continues to remain extremely popular. From the very first moment, a player promotes the growth of a progressive jackpot, creating huge wins on Mega Moolah.

How much money can you win?

If you hit the jackpot, then the guaranteed win is at least a million. The highest win at Mega Moolah is more than 1 million dollars.

You can play it in almost any online casino that serves Microgaming machines. For example Mobileslot.

Why we love him!

Because we love progressive jackpots! So, if you dream of big money, then you should definitely try Mega Moolah at least once.

2. Sizzling Hot


Sizzling Hot – For Beginners?

At Sizzling Hot (Sizzling Hot, or Hot), you can win from 40 to 700 dollars per game. Thus, the machine is suitable for players with a small budget, as well as for large players – high rollers. Despite the fact that Sizzling Hot is very popular among experienced players, thanks to simple and clear rules,  it is an ideal option for beginners.

The machine has a risk function, thanks to which a small profit can be significantly increased.

Where can I play Sizzling Hot?

Sizzling Hot is offered in most NOVOLINE casinos, so you can play, for example, Vulkanslots in Novoline online slot machines.

For players who like to experiment with the number of winning lines, this slot machine is not very suitable! Lines in Sizzling Hot are established from the very beginning.

Why we love him!

Because here players with a large and not very budget, thanks to the simple and understandable rules of the game, have a chance to win more.

3. Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of ra

One of the most popular slot machines of all time should be tried by every ambitious player at least once.

How does Book of Ra Deluxe work?

The Novoline slot machine plays five reels. The main highlight of the Book of Ra Deluxe slot is that it gives free spins every time at least 3 books appear on the screen. During free spins there are many additional bonus symbols and, thus, there is the possibility of a big win.

A thematic gaming machine is decorated in the style of ancient Egypt, in which, according to legend, the Book of Ra should open the way to the treasures of the pharaoh. Thanks to well-designed footage, the player plunges into this world.

Book of Ra is a slot from Novoline, it is possible to play it, for example, at Vulkanslots or Slotsdoc.

Why we love him!

Who is not fascinated by the world of the pharaohs? You quickly fall under the charm of rich graphics and dive headlong into the adventure of ‘Book of Ra’.

4. Book of Ra Deluxe 6


What is the difference with the previous slot?

Although the Book of Ra slot is already extremely successful, Novoline did not stop there and developed this game a little further.

In the new version, the Book of Ra Version slot has 6 reels instead of 5, which means it is even more likely to win and get more free spins.

Where can I play Book of Ra Deluxe 6?

Until now, the Book of Ra 6 is only available in established gambling houses and casinos, but this is only a matter of time before it can be played online. Most likely, this will be possible at Vulkan or Vabank Club.

Why we love him!

Firstly, everything already listed in paragraph 3, and secondly, for 6 reels instead of 5. In short, enjoy even greater advantages in the kingdom of the Egyptians.

5. StarBurst


How does StarBurst work?

Starburst makes a special impression due to its many special functions . 10 winning lines are selected individually, therefore experiments with different tactics are of great importance for the player.

Winning lines are read not only from left to right, as is usually the case with other machines, but also in the opposite direction. In addition, the symbol ” Wild ” is on every reel, therefore, leads to an increase in winnings.

Starburst – NetEnt slot marks, it can play at Mr . Green.

Why we love him!

Because the Starburst slot has a payoff function on both sides of the lines. And this means that the player has good chances of a big win.

6. Bejeweled


What is the difference between Bejeweled and other slot machines?

The gameplay of Bejeweled (Jeweled) is slightly different from most slot machines. The slot has no classic reels; diamonds fall easily, as if in Tetris, from top to bottom.

Thus, more and more winning combinations appear. The slot machine has undergone the long-awaited changes unlike other slots and has become one of the favorites in the world.

Why we love him!

Because here you bet line can play 20,000 times. In addition, winning symbols get here from top to bottom, while in classic online slot machines spinning on the reels.

7. Lucky Lady’s Charme


Lucky Lady’s Charme (Lucky Lady Charm, or Lady of Fortune) is a modern slot machine with animated icons from the NOVOLINE house. “Lucky Lady” plays the role of the “Wild” symbol.

What is the essence of the slot?

Again we will talk about the machine with free spins. Crystal ball as a “Scatter” (scatter symbol). If three of them drop out anywhere on the screen, the coveted bonus round begins.

Even small bets can play on this machine, due to the high probability of winning decent amounts in bonus rounds.

Our casino tip:

In Lucky Lady’s Charme, you can play all Novoline Casinos. We recommend  Club Vulkan oVolcanovip.

Why we love him!

Why complicate things when they can be simple and concise? You must try the Lucky Lady’s Charme slot machine at least once.

8. Fruitinator


Gameplay in Fruitinator:

It would seem so simple: to win on 5 lines 3 identical fruits must be combined from left to right. The peculiarity is that only 2 characters of cherry are enough to get a win.

In addition, Frutinator, like all Merkur slot machines, offers the most popular type of slot, with which you can win good amounts with a small bet.

Why we love him!

This game evokes childhood memories in each of us! And those who do not enjoy pictures from childhood can be convinced of the attractiveness of this slot with good profit potential and high payout ratios.

9. Ghost Slider


Ghost Slider (Ghost Slider) is a Merkur slot machine with many additional features and highly detailed animations. Initially, the game looks like a typical slot.

How to play?

The winning combination must be collected using 5 reels and 10 lines. The peculiarity of Ghost Slider is that after winning all winning symbols are deleted, and  9 new symbols descend from above, which can lead to new wins. If a player drops from 4 “Slides” or more, he receives free spins, in this slot machine you can get up to 50 free spins.

During one game, many combinations with Slides are possible. The slot offers a wide variety of combinations, so experienced players are also happy to play it.

What scenarios can be?

You can make a good start from $1 rubles or invest up to $1500. There are good options for any budget.

Why we love him!

This exciting slot offers the best chance of winning, you only need a couple of steps to win. For those who love the thrill, trying this game is a must!

10. Double Triple Chance


This slot machine belongs to the true classic among slot machines. On 3 reels there are 5 winning lines, it is necessary to make 3 identical fruits.

Features of Double Triple Chance:

Winning symbols on each reel go three times in a row. This makes it possible to use the same symbol to fill the entire screen, and then make huge profits.

Playing with 5 pay lines is quite simple, and therefore suitable for beginners. But the tactics with which you can vary the height of the bet here are very well taken care of.

Double Triple Chance is a Merkur slot machine and can be played on  Slot 77 or Casinozru.

Why we love him!

Because this game shows that you can win with small investments: profitable, easy and simple.

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