The gambling regulator is the UK resolves the issue of improving the safety of gambling

The Gambling Commission of Great Britain (UKGC) has revealed details of the new initiatives in the field of responsible gambling. In the framework of the UKGC will interact with GVC Holdings, Sky Betting & Gaming, Playtech and SG Gaming to form three industry working groups again to improve the security of gambling.

Headed leading companies in the industry, three working groups will focus on game development and products, advertising technologies, as well as ways to encourage valued customers to participate in gambling.

SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games and Playtech will lead to the establishment of an industry code for product design, while Sky Betting & Gaming will be overseen by a working group on advertising technology. GVC Holdings, will lead the third group, dealing with issues related to attracting VIP customers to play.

In the proposed set of rules for the design of the product will set out how the industry can produce safer products and methods that should be used when developing applications, products for the online games and slot machines, the risks associated with the products and methods of their reduction, as well as an explanation of what is not acceptable.

Group advertising technology will try to solve the basic problems raised in the recent report GambleAware, which showed that children, young people, and vulnerable adults are subjected to the pressure of a large amount of advertising of gambling on the Internet. By the way, recently the company announced that it plans to ban the use of credit cards for online bets.

The VIP task group is to offer bonuses, promotions and gifts at the VIP programs accordingly, the objectives of licensing. This will make gambling fairer, safe and protected from crime. According to the UKGC, the approach taken by some licensees aggravated risky behaviors. In this regard, the working group will focus on determining how existing rules can be strengthened.

Executive Director of UKGC Neil McArthur said that the behavior of consumers and technology is changing so fast that only a bold and innovative approach will reduce the number of people who are exposed to risk associated with gambling. If progress is not achieved, we will have to seek other options, as increasing the safety of gambling for consumers is of paramount importance.

Speaking, MacArthur stressed that the regulator will supply industry task of finding technological solutions to create a single customer profile, to protect consumers interacting with multiple operators.

The project UKGC will work with the Office of the Commissioner for information and plans to hold next month’s launch event in Birmingham for suppliers of technologies and providers. UKGC recently warned online operators about the importance of compliance with the standards of transparency and online security.

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