Crazy Monkey 2 Slot machine

Slot machine Crazy Monkey 2 is a fascinating continuation of the famous plot of the most popular emulator. Absolutely all players know about crazy monkeys, who must have played this slot at least once. But in fact, the popularity of monkeys is so high that absolutely all gamblers give their preference to this device, regardless of their playing experience.

What is it that attracts users to the free Crazy Monkey 2 slot machine that the Igrosoft developer so boldly released the continuation of this game?

Free slot machine Crazy Monkey 2

The main game is made on five reels, which are placed on the background of the real jungle. The style of the slot in many respects resembles the first version of Crazy Monkeys, but at the same time, the device’s interface is completely updated. To collect successfully paid combinations, it is proposed to bet on 9 game lines, the number of which can be reduced to 7, 5, 3 or 1 pieces. But it’s better, of course, to bet on all available bands, especially since the proposed range of bets allows players with any budget to do this.

To pay for the chain, you must collect at least three identical pictures, which must be a continuous sequence, starting from any extreme drum. Due to the fact that the chains are paid on both sides, wins in this slot are much more common.

The maximum winnings amount to 3750000 credits.

Game characters of the apparatus of the Monkey 2
Pictures that appear on the reels correspond to the chosen thematic direction. That is why here users come across symbols such as snakes, bananas, birds, mushrooms, butterflies, and so on. Each of the pictures has its own value and is paid depending on how many identical pictures are collected on the line.

Crazy Monkey Special Characters

This slot machine is equipped with only one universal symbol, which replaces absolutely all the pictures when compiling winning combinations. This picture is an image of the game’s logo, and if a gamer collects at least three such pictures on the reels, he will also receive free spins in the amount of 10 pieces. When performing free spins, users will be able to gain additional winning funds.

Crazy Monkey 2 Bonus Game

The activator of the bonus game is the image of a crazy monkey. She appears on all coils, but at least 3 of her portraits are required to launch an additional round. The first level of the bonus game is made in a forest clearing, where players will see 5 ropes. Pointing to one of them, they will be able to see how the monkey pulls the rope. As a result of these actions, the monkey receives either a banana or a heavy object. In the second case, the bonus game will be over, but if the gameplay develops more positively, then the user will have to pull another rope. After all five ropes are pulled, this will mean that the first level of the game is completed.

Next, the player is transferred to another screen, where the super-game will unfold. Here he will see two columns, in one of which there are treasures. If the player makes his choice correctly, he gets them to his account. But if there is a spider in the column, the super prize will be lost. As a consolation prize, the player’s account retains all the advantages that he received in the first round of the bonus game.

Players can also try their luck and double their winning bet in a risky round. It has several levels, in each of which the player will alternately open the card with the dealer. To win this round, you need to draw out cards that will be older than the dealer’s cards.

The free Crazy Monkey 2 slot machine is the most incredible adventure in the jungle, which will allow players to immerse themselves in the pleasant and fun atmosphere of the devices from Igrosoft.

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