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Free poker tournaments at 1win.

The undisputed leader of the poker world is pokerstars. Once upon a time, it was this site that revolutionized online poker, becoming a place of attraction for all poker players in the world.

But the years went by and pokerstars got worse.

Firstly, this is account verification - you are not just required to have a photo of your documents with a statement of utility bills , but also a direct video call with the pokerstars operator to confirm your identity. God, this is just a game of cards, not money on credit!
However, their security service is very strict, and there are tens of thousands of stories of accounts flying into bans for nothing! It’s unpleasant to play and then lose everything you win because of overly suspicious security guys.
Further, pokerstars, in view of its popularity, was blocked in many countries with strict gaming laws, but more than that, it itself began to strictly comply with the laws of other countries and does not accept players from a large number of countries. If you just want to play for a couple of dollars, brighten up the evening - and this turns out to be impossible in the strict rules of pokerstars. You have to look for other poker rooms.
Third - the highest competition! The elite of the best players gathered there - despite the fact that the stakes - for the most part - are still the same cents, but even for these cents you have to play tournaments with poker SHARKS! Are you sure you can beat them?
Newcomers to pokerstars do not stay long. And even if you are at least three times super pros, they play the same as you, or even better. And what's the point of fighting them for cents when you can easily win an amateur tournament and take the top prize with a big pot?

And where to play then? For such purposes, poker from 1win is just perfect. There, no one asks for your data - all you need is a phone to receive SMS, or even easier - a GMAIL account, TELEGRAM account!

1win is truly one of the largest casinos in the world with over million active players from all over the world! It is enough just to register on the casino website and see how many people play their games at the same time. This is the the only casino in the world with more than 9 thousand slots connected!!! Not to mention live games, show games, betting, virtual sports and other entertainment things.
1win not only connects different game providers, but also produces games itself! At the moment, this is the most convenient, largest and most reliable casino in the world. The casino does not lag behind in meeting the needs of poker players. It is clear that there is an abundance of tables, different types of poker and a wide spread of bets.
I want to talk about FREE poker tournaments, which without spendinga dime, you can EARN well with your mind and strong nerves. If you have them of course :) There are several free tournaments every day, but I want to draw your attention to the biggest one, with a prize pool of $1000.

Here are the detailed conditions of the tournament:
Free poker tournaments

For the first place - 230$ is paid. In total, the prize fund is distributed up to 150 places! A more detailed distribution of the results of the tournament on March 18, 2023 in the picture below:
the result of a free poker tournament

From my personal observations - more than half of the three thousand participants are simply not active, most likely these are bots to drain the balance for the cunning participating players. Further, from the remaining half, another half are beginners. There are a lot of people who just don't know how to play. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of players on 1win who come to play slots, roulette and other games, and when they lose (shit happens), they start looking for free games. A poker tournament is just such a game. And once every two days such a crowd of newcomers gathers. My wife easily flew into the top 50 the first time, and in my opinion the backbone of the players dividing the bankroll is just 20-30 players. But even their level is very weak. I'm sure only a few have heard about the poker calculator in the tournament. And this is an indicator.
Thus, the 1win poker tournament is a real opportunity to raise money from scratch, provided that you know how to play poker at least at a weak level.
Go ahead!
To register, go to here, use the CODE BUSTER2022 - in case of problems, you can always contact with me; I will find you in my statistics - and I will help with advice, knowledge, and contact with casino managers. And yes - I get nothing from your losses. Only a small amount of money for your registration.

Therefore - WIN BIG!

Free poker tournaments Free poker tournaments Free poker tournaments