bookmark_borderThe gambling regulator is the UK resolves the issue of improving the safety of gambling

The Gambling Commission of Great Britain (UKGC) has revealed details of the new initiatives in the field of responsible gambling. In the framework of the UKGC will interact with GVC Holdings, Sky Betting & Gaming, Playtech and SG Gaming to form three industry working groups again to improve the security of gambling.

Headed leading companies in the industry, three working groups will focus on game development and products, advertising technologies, as well as ways to encourage valued customers to participate in gambling.

SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games and Playtech will lead to the establishment of an industry code for product design, while Sky Betting & Gaming will be overseen by a working group on advertising technology. GVC Holdings, will lead the third group, dealing with issues related to attracting VIP customers to play.

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bookmark_borderBy February, Spain will change the rules of the regulation of gambling

In February, rules for the regulation of gambling in Spain may change. According to Alberto Garzón, the Minister for Consumer Affairs of Spain, the changes will be released within “two or three weeks.”

Garzon expressed their interest in changing the rules of operations in the industry and intends to discuss with its representatives the agreement that will bring benefits to all parties. He said that “no action will be taken unilaterally”.

According to the Minister, in the advertising of gambling, there is complete disorder, this issue represents a public health problem, therefore, the government intends to intervene.

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bookmark_borderThe cyber-police of Ukraine is fighting against illegal online casinos

Liquidation of a number of casinos operating online was successful. As a result of the cybercrime investigation, it became known that the income of the organizer of online gambling accounted for more than $100 thousand per month.

According to the press service of the national police, the organizer is a 28-summer inhabitant of the Dnepropetrovsk region. Online casinos housed in rented premises. The organizer was engaged in the security of the game process, if necessary, to provide technical assistance to users, and also engaged in the promotion of online casinos.

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bookmark_borderMalta gaming operator was issued a record fine

The gambling regulator of Malta fined a record size for the provision of gambling services to users without special permission. The size of the penalties amounted to €2.3 million

The Maltese gaming regulator (MGA) stated that Media Ltd Blackrock paid a fine record size of €2.34 million the Reason for imposing such drastic measures was that the company provided gambling services without special permission from the regulator.

The violation was identified during a joint investigation conducted by the MGA and the police. It was confirmed that Blackrock undertakes the processing of user payments for the operation of gambling services that were not authorized properly.

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bookmark_borderThe turnover of the gambling market in Georgia to 2019 amounted to 12 billion lari

According to the online platform “Business Georgia”, the Georgian turnover of the gambling market last year amounted to 12 billion lari. The role of industry in the total economy continues to grow.

Local media noted that the data are eloquent evidence of the disproportionate development of the economy, as the financial growth of the industry is accompanied by a lack of production, shortage of skilled personnel and unemployment.

Gambling was also named as one of the main sources of debt Georgians. According to a recent study, the top ten of the largest business companies in Georgia is six gambling enterprises.

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bookmark_borderOperators in Germany may face a limit on bets in slots

The alleged control of the online slots and casinos in Germany could damage the gaming industry as a whole. Familiarization with the current draft State Treaty showed that the rules of the casino license on the virtual slot machines and online casino games are different.

The license for slot machines allows operators to offer on-line analog land-based slot arcades without other casino games. Moreover, substantial additional restrictions such as a limit on the rotation of €1. In addition, each rotation must last for at least five seconds, the AutoPlay function will be prohibited, and licensees will not be able to offer slots jackpots.

At the same time online casino games defined as “games with a virtual institution,” in particular, we are talking about roulette, blackjack, and broadcast the live versions of these games on the Internet. The authorities of Schleswig-Holstein said that all Federal States will now be able to develop their own mechanisms to control online casino. According to sources the iGB, it will mean the opportunity to expand their monopoly to provide work slots or to offer so many licenses to private operators, how much is available for land-based casinos.

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bookmark_borderPamunkey will invest $350 million casinos in Virginia

Tribe of Indians Pamunkey in Virginia announced their plans to open a casino, whose construction will cost $350 million.

It is known that the location of the gambling facility will be the state capital. In addition, another planned to open in Norfolk. Representatives of the tribe announced that the implementation of the project in South Richmond was purchased three plots, as well as the fourth, 5 miles (or 8.05 km) from the city, with the aim of creating a training center for employees, which can later be converted into a medical clinic or grocery store. The on-site casino resort will open to hotel 275 rooms with views of the James River and the city center, the hotel will be a Spa, pool, fitness center, sports bar.

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bookmark_borderPersonalization data in the gaming industry: a study

Over the last two decades, the online gambling industry has accumulated enough data for analysis on the effectiveness of personalization of user data. However, the report Dynamic Yield we are talking about reaching the industry-only a basic level of personalization.

Companies involved in developing software for personalization data in any industry is focused on the determination of the ability of its customers to adapt its products or services. In the analysis of the index takes into account eight metrics. They relate to whether the operator to personalize the customer experience, track user success stories, and dedicated centralized team for personalization, and is the company willing to spend money on these operations. In addition, it is important to understand whether the operator is to integrate insights into the technological component in the preparation of the marketing strategy.

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bookmark_borderRules for the licensing of gambling operators in the UK: changes

The Gambling Commission of Great Britain has announced changes in the licensing of operators of online gambling. The latest in must be registered in the program of self-exclusion GamStop.

Licensees to the UK market will need to ensure unhindered access to the service from 31 March.

The decision was made on the background of the introduction of improvements in the program of self-exclusion GamStop. The essence of innovation is that the user gets the opportunity to enroll in the program using the landing page operator. To limit themselves from participation in gambling entertainment possible for six months, a year, or five years.

Executive Director GamStop Fiona Palmer commented on the announcement made by the gambling regulator saying that its staff within two years worked hard to improve the system.

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bookmark_borderSchleswig-Holstein stated “breakthrough” in the talks on gambling

According to representatives of Schleswig-Holstein, the German state made a breakthrough in the negotiations on the future status of gambling in Germany, as well as about the rules of the industry, enshrined in the State Treaty.

Experts add that the agreed terms will work well on the entire state.

The power of the earth said that under the new rules, the lottery segment will be saved monopoly, but the ban on the online segment will be removed. Sports betting will also retain its current legal status.

The planned establishment of a new gambling regulator, the competence of which will be the licensing of new operators. Permits will be of a general nature and also apply to the operation of the games with slots and poker.

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