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Modern blackjack in an online casino is an interactive and most profitable form of gambling for a player! Visualization technology has reached such a level that it makes no sense to go to a real casino at all - far , expensive and VERY inconvenient compared to online casinos. In general, playing offline casinos profitably is difficult. There is a small history of hands / spins and a distraction in the form of noise, and fatigue, and disturbing table neighbors, and many other nuances. After all, offline casinos are entertainment - which means emotions, excitement and just a fun pastime. Of course at a loss to your pocket. Nowadays, it is much more convenient and profitable to play online casino, lounging in your favorite chair or on the sofa with a laptop.

Check out what online blackjack looks like now:

At the same time, modern online blackjack still has a significant mathematical advantage over offline - in favor of the player. Previously, the main advantage of the casino, which leveled all the pluses of the game, was as follows: in the event of an equal number of points from the player and the dealer (draw), the bet was taken by the casino. Now, such a "greedy" rule in the best casinos has been canceled and the game of blackjack has become an easy way to earn money for a more or less smart player.


A new form of blackjack is very popular right now. The rules in it remain the same, BUT there is only one hand and the distribution of this hand goes to all participating players at once. And further, the player already decides what to do with the dealt combination of cards. Someone stops, someone collects further cards - the game is already underway for each player separately. Here is a detailed video showing how the game is going:

The advantage of the game is that:
a) the game is played for a small bet (in a standard blackjack, bets start from 10$, it is simply unprofitable for the casino to drive less - since a real dealer works, he has to pay wages in the end.
b) there are no queues, you can always sit at the table and usually 30-50 people play behind it.


How to find a casino with live games? Simply - in the search engine. Another thing is that not all casinos are honest, and not all casinos have a large selection of games - and this is important. In addition, many mirrors have already been banned by the RKN and the search may take some time. Don't want to waste it? Follow my pick - and I've tried two dozen different casinos and found the best one - and play where I play.

There will be no openings - this is the most popular and well-known casino - 1WIN. It is foolish to hope that a no-name casino will be able to pleasantly surprise you; unfortunately, the smaller the casino, the "greedier" it is. And vice versa - the larger the casino, the "richer" it is and can afford various gifts to motivate players, such as free spins, free promotional deposits and many other marketing tricks. Plus all possible game providers, plus own branded games, plus fair payouts on time - reputation is worth more. In general, do not waste time on experiments - play right away in the best casino with tens of thousands of players on board!

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I sincerely wish you to win big!