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Since you are here, it means that you are interested in the Aviator gambling game. Well, you are at the right place. I will make a complete analysis of this game, show its statistics for the day, calculate the chances of winning and advise on a winning strategy.


The Aviator game is a unique game, you will not find analogues. This game is not very popular with casinos. The essence is simple - the casino randomly issues a coefficient that grows rapidly over a certain period of time. At any time you can stop and take your bet multiplied by the odds. BUT if you do not have time to take profit before the coefficient growth stops, you will lose your bet. Coefficients float from 1 to several thousand(!). To understand clearly - just watch a short video:

And here is the description from the game developer.

Pay attention to the turnover of this game in 1 win casino: the number of participants, the size of their bets and the speed of results. About 5 thousand spins pass per day with an average bet volume of 1-2 thousand $ per spin. 5-10 million dollars per day! (Calculated by the zennoposter's bot, it recorded all bets on the left side and the number of hands. Moreover, bot even recorded losses / profits.) So - very good - you can profit here) It would seem - here is the Grail, scoop loot, but scoop it! Noo .. Let's figure it out)


In order not to be fools - you have to count. Excitement for suckers or those who can afford it. For those who play for money - mathematics is above all. But especially statistics.
I'll digress a little - I collect statistics for each game that interests me. I have a self-written bot for calculating the issuance of results at all the casinos I need. Before playing, I carefully study, look at how and what falls out. You have no idea how much easier this makes the game. I specialize in live roulette, and the statistics collected on it, let's say for a day, help a lot in the game. Live roulette is very "trendy", there are overbought / oversold points (using stock exchange terminology) which clearly show where to bet. There is a software in which it is enough to drive in the statistics of numbers - it will immediately give the requested chart, according to which everything is clearly visible. By the way, this software is in the public domain - but on my other site. Who needs to find it. I finish the remark, let's return to the Aviator.

So, having collected statistics for the day (from 8 pm April 28 to 8 pm April 29, 2021 Moscow time), I received 5072 spins. The results are in the file - download, have a look. Here is original and here is sorted file from smaller coefficient to more.

Let's take a closer look at this file.

1) Out of 5072 spins - 200 spins have a coefficient of 1. You can even expand this list to a coefficient of 1.2 - few people shoot on such numbers. And this is already a thousand spins - and a good $ 1 million in casino income!
2) The maximum coefficient is 5722, but you must understand that it is not realistic to take it in any way. Both psychologically and physically. Even Chuck Norris has no such testicles. Although the player looks very impressive and attractive.
Now let's try to find a winning strategy, knowing all the numbers for the day.

Suppose we bet a dollar every spin and withdraw at a coefficient of 2. Thus, we will spend 5072 dollars on bets per day, and we will get: 5072 - 2567 (bets with odds less than 2x - we will lose these bets) = 2505 winning spins with odds of 2 and in money it will be 5010 dollars. We are in the red.
OK, let's calculate with a coefficient of 3. 5072 - 3448 = 1624 multiply by 3 = 4872 dollars .. even more minus.
Coefficient 5. 5072 - 4074 = 978 x 5 = 4890. Everything is bad again.
Coefficient 10. 5072 - 4566 = 506 x 10 = 5060. Almost..
Maybe 50? 5072 - 4971 = 101 x 50 = 5050...
100? 5072 - 5020 = 52 х 100 = 5200. Hooray, we are rich..
Let's take the last 5 large numbers:


And let's take the coefficient in 2000. Multiply by 5 and get 10,000. Well, these are already pleasant numbers. But you understand that this is just a fit for the situation and such numbers may not come during the day, and you will lose big. By and large, Aviator works like a simple slot, the numbers are evenly distributed and so that the casino would be in the black by 5-10%.


1) Unlike a slot machine, where you need to bet every spin, here you can just look at the game and bet whenever you want, just like in roulette. This is a huge plus - you can track the issuance, look for a number of low odds and then enter the game.

2) I justifiably hate martingale - but it works here. Therefore, the ceiling in the bet at the casino is only 100$ (the same roulette has 5,000$). That is, the casino knows this moment and limits the bet significantly. Why does martingale work? Look at the statistics - half of the spins come with odds of 2 or higher. Yes, but these spins are unevenly distributed - you can find rows in statistics with a coefficient of less than 2x in 4-5-6 spins, but the opposite is also true. Therefore, we look at the nearest history Thus, the martingale + entry strategy after a series of "1.00-1.20" will give you guaranteed success.

3) Aviator has a convenient autoplay - you specify the bet, you specify the odds and when it is reached, the bet will play. At least it's convenient.

All these three points put Aviator head and shoulders above any slot machines and slots. Here you can really raise a lot of money (the turnover is huge), if you play with a cold calculation, without passion. In my top games, Aviator is in a well-deserved second place, after live roulette. But that is another story..


I play Aviator on 1win - a working site for today is here: https://1wgxcx.top. I will not describe the advantages of the casino, they do not need advertising, and in general, where to play - decide for yourself. But 1win is the best. Shit I wouldn't recommend. Promo code to register - BUSTER2022. If you have questions or suggestions, you can write to [email protected]. The article is old, a lot of tricks appeared, contact me.